Payment Method

You can select and purchase the items straight from my webpage just like a regular online store.  Once you are done, the site will redirect you to a PayPal page. There you can log in and pay via PayPal.  If you are paying with a Credit/Debit card, instead of logging in click on the Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Expess logo on the left hand side of the screen.

-MAKE SURE the shipping address is CORRECT on your PayPal account.  If it is not the same shipping address, type in the address where you would like your products to be sent to under "Add Special Instructions To Merchant". The tab is located under the list of items you are purchasing.  **** This is where to can indicate whether you want tracking on your package***

Thank you!

Shipping and Handling

Everything will be sent out Standard Flat Rate (7-14 days, plus 2 days for me to process the orders.  Please be patient with international orders. Customs are different from country to country so packages will be delays a few days.)  I will have special shipping rates from time to time.

-If you want tracking for your package, please add the following amount when you pay with Pay Pal.
U.S Tracking: $1.00
Canada: $2.50
International to ANY country: $12.00

-Shipping Rates are dependent on how much you spend in my store. 

$1.00-$25.00      Fee: $5.00
$25.01-$50.00    Fee: $8.00
$50.01-And Up   Fee: Free Shipping


$1.00-$25.00      Fee: $7.00
$25.01-$75.00   Fee: $10.00
$75.01-And Up   Fee: Free Shipping

International to ANY country
$1.00-$25.00      Fee: $12.00
$25.01-$75.00   Fee: $16.00
$75.01-And Up   Fee: Free Shipping

Thank you!